Blog 5

Kareem Cook

Ms. Howard 

English 1020 Apocalypse 

5 February 2019

My English 1020 class so far has been very different compared to all my other classes I have taken in the short span of time since I have been here at Auburn University at Montgomery.  Coming into this class I had no idea what to expect, I honestly chose the class because it was at a reasonable time and I needed to take English this semester. So far, I have learned plenty of new things in her class. One of the first things I learned in her class, is that everyone handles stressful situations differently. I learned this from when we went around and asked people about their past events and how they handled them. Secondly, I learned about CRAAP test, which talks about currency, relevance, authority, accuracy, purpose. The CRAAP can be used when looking at potential sources for your paper. Next, I learned about how to refine all pages when using a search engine like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Some of the examples were to use quotations around whatever you search and to use “and.” Then, we learned about google scholars search engine. This is by far my favorite because I never knew about it. Also, because all of the sources have been revised by at least two people. 

            My proposed topic is fairly simple, my topic is to have houses that are on the water be built with stilts that are made with certain patterns underneath to withstand the strong winds and water from various natural and unnatural disasters. Below is an example of the usual house with stilts. 

Image result for gulf shores alabama beach house
Image result for gulf shores alabama beach house

As you can see the house held up with only wooden pegs and if anyone has seen beach houses after a natural disaster you know that these wooden pegs cannot without even the weakest of hurricanes. My idea is to support the beach houses with cement circular spirals that also are serve as staircases to an underground emergency basement. 

Some of the research for this project comes from my own understanding of how severe the homes on the waterfront are due to my parents owning a beach house and when Hurricane Katrina hit. It left complete devastation of the beach house and my parents had to rebuild from the ground up. Some of the other sources for my project I could use is the information from engineers on how tall building are supported and how bridges are supported. Some information I could use is from path beach houses which were destroyed from natural disasters. 

The outline I have pictured in my head is simple, but sophisticated at the same time. I would first start my paper off with the introduction telling a story of how a happy family once lived on the beach and loss everything they ever owned to a giant tsunami or hurricane. Then I would begin to tell if they were use my new design for their house, how they might still have their house. Next, I would show through describing it and pictures how my design is different and better than all of the earlier designs that did not work. Then, I would give an example through two stories of how my design is better and would work in various ways that earlier modules did not. After all that I would most likely summarize up my idea and paper by giving last input I had. Finally, I would give a very factual but brief conclusion.

Some of my biggest strengths in English is that I am very good at writing from the head, I can write freely and just let my mind go to work and type the paper very easily. Also, I talk naturally very proper, so when I begin writing papers. I type like I talk which is proper. Some of my greatest weaknesses is that when I type. I usually tend to fall short of whatever the requirement is. I believe this is due to me getting straight to the point, and I usually do not put evidence or have facts about what I am saying after my initial point. Once I say what my opinion is on topic, I am finished which is not good.

With all the information above I believe my project is deserving of the $5,000; because I believe that my project is something that happens very often. Especially, were we live. Also, anytime a tropical storm, tsunami, or hurricane hits ground. What are the first houses they show? They always show the houses that are right on the water, and time after time they build the houses the exact same way they were before and wait for the next storm to come and tear them down again. I believe my idea will change the world due to fact that people homes would be saved. I believed my solution is the best because clearly the solution that is in place now is not working. My father always told me if it is not broke do not fix it. Well in this scenario it is broke and someone needs to fix it so why should I not spread my ideas with the world and fix a problem that is not just nationwide but worldwide.


Blog 3.5

Extreme tourism (bad) / extreme and tourism (bad) / “extreme tourism” (good)….last one limits search to the exact phrase

In my article 1. two experts read my article 2. they don’t know my name 3. I have to take their advice

Regular Google searches = millions of sources……How do we narrow that?……using quotations, using google scholar and quotations,

Google Scholars sources have been through peer review (blind, based on 2 people)……always run things through the CRAAP test.

Changing Topics…. Once you find a source, what do you do with it?


Blog 3

The Fukushima accident is the first major disaster in my life I have remembrance and knowledge of. The Fukushima accident was when three nuclear reactors at a plant sustained very bad core damage and released hydrogen ad radioactive materials into the air. This event was caused by an earthquake, that created a major tsunami. The tsunami disabled the power supply and cooling of the three Fukushima Daiichi reactors. 

When I first began looking for what happened in the Chernobyl disaster the first link to pop up was I clicked this one because it was a .gov, meaning it was a government website. Once I clicked on the website I searched deeper to see that it was last updated in April 2018 which is fairly new. Finally, I looked at all the references and sources noted at the bottom. The second website I looked at was another government website. website was from the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commissioner. I first looked at the format of the website, the website was broken into parts by what was being stated. Also, the website has very minimum ads around the article. Lastly, I looked at how new the article was (August 2018). The last article I looked at was from I chose this last video, because I seen and knew that it was a notable and popular website. Looking deeper into the iceberg I seen that it was telling mostly the same thing the other two websites. Also, it was updated in December, this told me that it is updated fairly often. Lastly it was published by a very notable and vouch worthy publisher.

BLOG 2.5

Exploration/Topic Proposal Project                       Howard          ENGL 1020 Apocalypse

Task: Write a 4-5 page proposal in which you explain what your main focus of study will be in this course. In other words, propose a topic that you will research over the rest of the semester and explain a plan you have for making it happen. This document will include the following sections:

  1. A summary of the activities and themes of our class these past few weeks. Explain what parts of our discussions, activities, and homework seemed the most important and why they led you to a topic that interests you. 
  2. A description of your proposed topic and why it matters to society—this is where you explain what you want to change or invent should a disaster occur in Montgomery or the surrounding area. You may include an image here to clarify your idea. Just make sure to label it with a caption. Because research always seeks to answer questions, you must include a list of at least 3 potential research questions in this section. Research questions are not simple yes/no questions. They are open ended.

Example: In what ways might X building in Wetumpka, AL serve as a valuable shelter to people after a storm hits?  Why do we need a building that looks like X?

What ways does this fix the problem of X?

  1. A discussion of how you will find research that supports your idea and your proposal. What have we already covered in class about research? What sources do you think will help you most? What else would you like to know? This helps me know how to focus our class time in the future, so please be as detailed as possible. 
  2. A proposed outline of your project. Don’t panic. This is partly provided by me in a part of your syllabus. If you read over the syllabus, you’ll be able to see how to break down the 7 page document into parts. Don’t just use what I give you in the syllabus. Imagine how you might break it down further into sections. You don’t have to write this IN outline form. Just explain in your own words. 
  3. A reflection on your strengths and weaknesses as a research and writer: what are you worried about most (do not express this in terms of grades but in terms of skills when possible), what have you done in 1010 that will transfer to this course, etc.?

Audience: Imagine I have been given $5000 to sponsor one student’s plan for the apocalypse (or other disaster). In this document, make sure your sections explain why you think your project will be deserving of $5000. What is it about your ideas that will change the world? How are your solutions the best? The introduction and conclusion sections will be one place to answer these questions. The sections above will serve as body paragraphs if you’d like. 

Your eventual paper due in April will have a community audience of local officials and agencies. You will be addressing people who can help you bring the proposal to fruition. 

Due Date: Monday, February 4, 11:59pm via email to


         Past two weeks

  1. Day one…Orientation
  2. Description of project
  3. Weapons activity – can use this for essay if you want to
  4. Short assignments
  5. Day Two Practice
  6. Write about a time when you lost power or other utilities
  7. Conduct primary research. 
  8. Day Three – Evaluating Info
  9. Handout on Sources
  10. Four Sources 
  11. Where does our water come from






Image searches on Google to verify the truth.

Blog 2

Based on my research zombies are usually seen as strong, flesh rotting robots.  The earliest signs of humans having the belief of zombies existing can be seen by the Ancient Greeks. They were terrorized in fear; the Ancient Greeks would pin the dead bodies down with rocks and various other very heavy objects to prevent the bodies from coming up. Zombies were also seen in the 17thCentury in Haiti by West African slaves who were brought to work in the sugar cane plantation fields of Haiti slave owners. They believed that a bokor, a voodoo practioner, from the voodoo religion could be revived and brought back to life. These people were called zombies. In 1997, accounts of real zombies were filed. The first was a Haitian who was admitted into a British hospital and was buried after her death. Was said to be seen three years later living.

Blog 1

One time I lost power, electrical power, water, or heat / air conditioning was when I was about thirteen or fourteen.  I was a freshman in high school, and I was home, because my mother was at work, my sister was at dance, and my step father had gone out with some of his fellow colleagues for drinks.  I had never been home alone and had never been taught what to do under these circumstances.  So, when the power went, I did what I usually, I went to sleep, and hope when I woke up the power would be back on. Unfortunately, when I woke the power was out, and nobody was still there with me. So, I used my phone to find candles to light, I found a portable charger to charge my phone, and I used a small electric generator to power the generator to heat food in the microwave so I would have something to eat. Eventually, everyone came home very surprised to me improvising and handling the situation.